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23-05-2012: The debut Dreamfire album is nearing completion

At long last, the debut album “Atlantean Symphony (Eternal Visions Through The Eyes Of The Enlightened)” is almost complete.

The track listing will be as follows:

1 – Across The Ageless Ocean
2 – Approaching Atlantean Monoliths
3 – Embraced By The Light Of The Final Dawn
4 – The Opening Of Eternity
5 – A Reflection Of Rebirth Through The Eyes Of The Forlorn
6 – Into The Temple Of The Elements
7 – (Immersion Into) The Azure Mirror Of Infinity
8 – Tears Of The Enlightened
9 – Atlantean Symphony (Act i): Of Grandeur And Fragility
10- Atlantean Symphony (Act ii): A Timeless Lamentation Carried Upon The Storm
11 – Atlantean Symphony (Act iii): Through Fire Into Legend
12 – An Epitaph Engraved In Water

The album will be available on CD in an exclusive antique book version, as well as through digital download via all major platforms.