Dreamfire reviews

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A Selection of review quotes on Atlantean Symphony

“Atlantean Symphony is as grandiose and passionate as anything I’ve heard this year”
- Metal Temple – 10/10

"...a beautiful listening experience that allows the listener to appreciate expert instrumentation..."
- Nince Circles

"...extremely beautiful music...structured like a film soundtrack..."
- Battlehelm.com

"It has depth and wonder, mountains and valleys, and secrets that remain undiscovered. It is a breathtaking piece of art that everyone should enjoy."
- metalutopia.com

"The album contains 14 songs that each gives its own history tour of the universe and on a journey to the deepest part of the soul"
- Chromium Sun

“Music that holds the keys to unlock your mind, that can set your imagination free to fly”
- Zero Tolerance Magazine 048 – 5/6

“Atlantean Symphony possesses a grandeur that the demos which preceded it only hinted at. Epic barely does justice to the visions painted by the swathes of synths and keys, the washes of colour that surround you as you make your way along the pathway laid down by the twelve pieces of sublime music”
- Raw Nerve

"['Atlantean Symphony'] is in the vein of a very good film score, and as such, deserves to be listened to as a body of work. A very uplifting and progressive work, one that in the current climate for more progressive sounds should find a receptive audience”
- Destructive Music - 8/10

"Each person will take something different from Dreamfire‘s “Atlantean Symphony”. What is certain is that its beauty provokes an emotional reaction, and that’s what really good music should be doing. This is clearly a real labour of love, and one cannot help but be moved by it as an engaging, affecting musical and emotional experience."
- This Is Not A Scene - 8/10

"Atlantean Symphony is a truly amazing piece of music. The whole album soothes the soul and calms the nerves. If your heartbeat hasn’t dropped to an all time low and all the cares of the world haven’t been lifted from your shoulders then, trust me my friend, there is something seriously wrong with you"
- Lady Obscure - 4/5

“...great sounding mixture of neoclassical, atmospheric, dark ambient and new age...”
- Dark Underground Music Zine

“...be swept away in the majesty and glory of it all...”
- Amplified Magazine